Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Surgical Tables, Inc. Joins The Pain Group to Provide Group Pricing on Pain Tables

The Pain Group and Surgical Tables, Inc. have reached an agreement to provide group pricing to all TPG members. Surgical tables are the backbone of patient surgical procedures in pain management and play a vital role that is often overlooked. Surgical Tables, Inc. produces high quality products and at group rates it's a
win for all members.

About Surgical Tables, Inc.

Providing a flexible solution for the medical & budgetary concerns of all surgical environments.

Designed to support the latest advancements in surgical procedures and imaging techniques, setting the standard for operating efficiency.

Attractive ratio of price to performance frees up space in your investment planning and the rugged engineering features keep your follow up costs low.

Offers fully automated adjustment of all table functions for safe, trauma free positioning of the patient without compromising the health & safety of the medical staff.

Surgical Tables Incorporated (STI) manufactures medical devices that are compliant with the Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH) Code of Federal Regulation 21 Subchapter J Part 1020 Section 30 (CFR21 Subchapter J part 1020.30), the performance standard for ionizing radiation emitting products. Additionally, STI's products are manufactured according to the Food & Drug Administrations (FDA) Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP's).

Versatility, technology, cost, safety & compliance. For all these reasons and more Surgical Tables Inc. is fast becoming the industry leader in surgical table quality.

Company Location
Surgical Tables Inc. is a medical manufacturer based in Middleton Massachusetts.

Company Focus
We concentrate on major health care markets with significant growth potential, driven by the demand for better, more cost-effective treatments that offer people an improved quality of care.

Current Developments
STI is dedicated to providing surgeons innovative patient platforms on which to perform cutting edge surgical procedures. As medicine advances towards better patient care, more and more surgeries are using minimally invasive techniques. These minimally invasive techniques require real-time imaging coupled with unobstructed access. The operating room tables currently used today are designed for open operations where real-time imaging is not required. The materials used and overall design impedes real time imaging. Although not insurmountable, the current operating room table designs do pose a "hurdle" for the revolutionary surgeon or interventionalist to get over in order to complete their task.

The operating room table of the future must be designed to meet the requirements of all specialties utilizing minimally invasive techniques while supporting open procedures that continue to exist. At Surgical Tables Incorporated we are dedicated to bridging the gap between today and tomorrow. We see the need for a better solution to the current operating room tables and we are excited to be working on this project. We have named the project the MIS. The MIS will revolutionize the operating rooms of tomorrow. The production units will be similar but have many features we are unable to disclose at this time due to pending patents.

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