Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Turnkey Orthotics & DME Managed Service for Pain Management Practices

The Pain Group and Premier Medical Services have teamed up to bring additional revenue to pain management practices for spinal and extremity orthotics.

DME has often been shied away from as an incremental revenues stream by many practices, due to the unique complexity and profitability risks this unique and often challenging niche reimbursement structure this business requires.

Premier has recognized this challenge, and developed a market leading  turnkey orthotics and DME managed service, designed to provide target specialties the best of both worlds â€" the benefit of capturing this ancillary revenue, but at same time mitigate the risks and headaches associated with doing it profitably.

In conjunction with The Pain Group GPO, the service has been designed to provide the following benefits to your practice;

  • Improve the bottom-line of your pain management practice or surgical center.
    • Introduce painlessly incremental  ancillary revenue stream for pain practice
    • Increase collections rates â€" Through DME Experts managing complex billing/collections process
    • Utilize state of art â€" DME specific â€" billing and collections systems & management reporting
  • Reduce risk
    • Eliminate capital investment and potential inventory losses through risk mitigated fee schedule approach
    • Ensure ongoing regulatory compliance through program management oversight
  • Optimize profit by allowing your staff to remain focused on core business
    • Program set-up and ongoing management is managed by Premier Medical staff, reducing additional non-core work and staff stress
    • Removing  costly and unproductive ongoing operational required tasks from your staff specific to orthotics/DME processes
    • collections
  • Leverage Pain Management Fee Schedule
    • Take advantage of negotiated Pain Management GPO fee schedule to optimize practice profit

Premier Medical - Market Leading Turnkey Orthotics & DME Managed Service

Premier has experience working within Pain Management specialties, and over 15+ years of proven custom orthotics & DME clinical expertise.   Our clinical staff is made up of licensed Orthotists and nationally recognized board certified Orthotic Fitters to ensure we can effectively advise and support your local team.  Premier is accredited by the Joint Commission, the gold standard, to ensure we comply with & provide consistent, properly managed support to you and your extended patient base.   Premier has also secured some of the best legal advisors in the industry, to ensure proper program regulatory oversight is administered on your behalf, so you don’t have to.

All of this is done, to provide a high level of quality service to you and your patients, and improved practice profitability, with minimal risk and headaches.  The ability to leverage our expertise, buying power, and focused specialized staff â€" allows us to provide a superior service at attractive rates compared to the actual costs you would incur in attempting to establish a similar service on your own.

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